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Vertical Glass Edge Processing Machine

Vertical Glass Edge Processing Machine

Vacuum Pad Parts for Glass Industry

Glass pane products can receive various types of glass edge treatments for the corresponding functionality and performance. The edging of glass pane could improve safety, aesthetics, functionality while improving tolerance of the dimension and helping to prevent chipping. EUROTECH Taiwan provides vacuum pad parts for vertical glass edge processing machines.

There are different type of common glass edges, including cut and swipe or seamed edges, grind and chamfer (Bevel), pencil grind, pencil polish and flat polish.

EUROTECH TAIWAN, known for its very large selection on vacuum pad parts for all kinds of handling applications has added 2 more oval suction plates to its manufacturing and sales program. Type 150 x 200 and 150 x 370 suitable to fit vertical glass edge processing machine. The vertical glass edging machine can execute three different glass processing, glass grinding arrising and polishing. The glass edging machine is basically equipped with 10pcs. suction plates 150 x 370 mm and 1pcs. 150 x 200 mm. During the grinding process the glass plate is securely hold in position by means of those big oval suction plates and high vacuum.

Both seals are vulcanized onto an aluminum base plate with connection for the vacuum hose and 2 counter sunk holes to mount it against the support. The vulcanized seal comes in  NBR black 50 shore.

Vacuum pad parts for vertical glass edging machines


Besides vertical glass edge processing machine, EUROTECH TAIWAN also supplies other vacuum components for various glass processing machines like the large bellow suction cups installed onto the automatic loader. Besides that we supply most vacuum components for other machinery used in the glass industry.

Additional information regarding vacuum lifters, please visit euroTECH Vertriebs GmbH.


Vacuum Clamping Blocks

Clamping block for smooth and lightly structured surfaces. For use in CNC drilling, grinding and machining centers of the wood and glass industry.

*Replaceable seal design