Suction Cup Covers MTC SSUZ

Suction Cup Covers SSUZ Series

When vacuum lifters or vacuum suction cups are not in use, they are easily polluted by dust, moisture, powders in the workshop. Suction cup covers SSUZ Series protect vacuum cups against the harmful particle and lengthening the life of the system. This solution could be applied on all materials of industrial vacuum cups.


Technical Details

Suction cup protection covers are easy and quick installation on glass lifting devices indoors and outdoors during transport or storage. The covers work perfectly on all kinds of material of vacuum suction cups. There are a wide range of diameters engineered for flat and bellows suction cups and suction plates.

For preventing suction marks on glass or sensitive surfaces, suction cup covers MTC Series are the best solution. Special thanks to GlassonWeb on the press about MTC Series. Further reading regarding Suction Cup Covers MTC Series.