Vacuum Suction Components

Vacuum Suction Components

EUROTECH provides a large selection of vacuum suction components to attach any industrial vacuum suction cup to the vacuum system. Our portfolio covers from replacing of a worn vacuum cups, designing a lifting suction plates of a machine to building a complete vacuum lifting system. The wide selection of high-quality vacuum components make it a more economical and easy way to maintain an efficient material handling line.

The right vacuum lifting components are important for every field application such as workpieces and goods transportation, automatic production line. We support customers with the right vacuum components to fulfill the best operating situations. Vacuum portfolio includes vacuum suction cups, connecting nipples, mounting suspensions, cross clamping pieces, valves, vacuum generators.

Vacuum Suction Components and Parts

Our portfolio includes a variety of vacuum suction components such as suction plates, vacuum cups with various sizes, shapes and materials. EUROTECH provides the right seal and suction plate solutions for every application in all industries. A wide selection of vacuum mounting elements available for attaching the seals to a desired working position.


Industrial Vacuum Suction Cups

Our portfolio includes industrial vacuum cups and vacuum suction components in various of materials, dimensions and types for glass, sheet metal and wood lifting application.

*Replaceable seal design


Suction Plates

Multiple types of suction plates with suspension bolts and clamping clips.

*Modular design
*Replaceable seal design


Vacuum Mounting Elements

For mounting suction cups on vacuum system. Various mounting solution are available for different applications.

*Modular design

Vacuum Suction Components and Accessories


Vacuum Clamping Blocks

Clamping block for smooth and lightly structured surfaces. For use in CNC drilling, grinding and machining centers of the wood and glass industry.

*Replaceable seal design


Vacuum Valves

Wide selection of vacuum valves including 3/2-way solenoid valve, change-over valve, pin valve, ball valve, check valve, etc.


Vacuum Filters

Large range of vacuum filters for installation in order to keep dirt and dust particles out of the vacuum system where they can cause malfunction of the system.


Vacuum Reservoirs

Vacuum reservoirs help prevent power failure. There are a wide range of vacuum reservoirs for all kinds of vacuum lifting applications.


Vacuum Gauge

Vacuum gauge for measuring and monitoring vacuum. Available from diameter 40 mm, 62 mm to 99 mm.

EUROTECH vacuum technologies offers a comprehensive range of vacuum components as well as complete handling and transport solutions. Our further range includes both customer-specific vacuum suction cup portfolio or solution tailored to the customer’s requirements. 

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More about Vacuum Components

Industrial Suction Cups

Industrial vacuum suction cups with flat, bellow types and various materials.

Suction Plate System

Vacuum suction plates with modular design for all vacuum handling systems.

Clamping Elements

A variety of clamping solutions for all kinds of suspension and structure systems.

Suction Cup Cover

Mark-less glass pane handling solution to avoid suction marks on sensitive surfaces.