Vacuum Cups Selection

Vacuum Cups Selection for Specific Application

Industrial vacuum suction cups selection plays a key role in vacuum system performance. Vacuum cups are made of an elastic material that tends to return to its original shape under vacuum pressure. The length of time that the vacuum effect lasts depends on the surface porosity, the flatness of the surface, and the properties of the rim of the cup. 

Suction cups use atmospheric pressure and vacuum pressure to grip and move objects for pick-and-place applications. These components operate in combination with vacuum generators to handle objects. The industrial vacuum suction cups are flexible, soft, yet strong enough to grab almost anything. And suction cups are easy to install and replace without damaging them. The vacuum suction cup is made of rubber elastic material, a variety of materials are also available, suitable for any environmental needs.


Attention should be paid in the phase of selection on vacuum cups (suction cups/objects/use conditions), as explained below.

  1. The characteristics of the workpiece: surface state, whether there is air permeability, whether the shape changes.
  2. Workpiece shape: suction area, flatness (surface state), shape (cube, sphere, cylinder).
  3. The suction direction of the suction object: horizontal suction or vertical suction, with or without tilting and rotation functions.
  4. Movement: In the application of horizontal suction, not only the quality of the workpiece, but also the acceleration, wind pressure, impact, etc. should be considered.
  5. The weight and balance of the object: Fully consider the weight of the workpieces, arrange the suction position on average, the number of suction cups and the diameter of the suction cup to calculate the carrying capacity. When a large area of board is transported with multiple vacuum cups, the position of the suction cups should be well-arranged to enhance the stability of suction and lifting. Especially in the surrounding area, please confirm the position and the piping.
  6. Application environment: Confirm the shape and material of the suction cup and whether to use a buffer according to the mechanical action method and the shape and material of the object.

The above orders show the tips for selection of vacuum cups. However, the final result is tested according to the customer’s requirements, vacuum components and systems, and based on this result, the best solution is thus decided accordingly.