Glass Pane Processing Industry

Glass Pane Types in Glass Pane Processing Industry

Flat glass is produced from the float process. There are several glass pane types which suit a variety of applications and requirements. Commonly seem types are annealed glass, heat strengthened glass, laminated glass and tempered glass.

Annealed Glass


Annealed glass is a product formed from the float process. The molten glass is cooled slowly in a controlled way until it reaches room temperature. The internal stresses in the glass are relieved smoothly

Annealed glass is always used as a base product to become other glass types.

Tempered Glass


The manufacturing process begins with annealed glass heated up to 700 degrees Celsius. The cooling process is accelerated by uniform and simultaneous blasts of air on both surface sides. The different cooling rates between the surface and the inside of the glass produces various properties, resulting in compressive stresses in the surface balanced by tensile stresses in the body of the glass.

The glass then gains increased mechanical resistance to breakage. When it breaks, it produces typically small, square fragments rather than long, dangerous shards that are far more likely to lead to injuries.

Laminated Glass


Laminated glass is most commonly made by two sheets of toughened glass laminated together with a PVB interlayer in between. Laminated glass delivers many advantages. In face of shattering on impact, laminated glass is held together by the PVB interlayer. 

Industrial Suction Cups for Lifting Types of Glass Panes

Glass is a material in which safety, precision and reliability play a major role. The surface of glass can be smooth or structured, coated or otherwise refined and therefore places the highest demands on vacuum components and handling devices.

Bellow Suction Cup

Bellow suction cup for smooth and lightly structured glass surfaces.

Flat Suction Cup

Flat industrial suction cup for smooth and lightly structured glass pane surfaces.