Does Industrial Suction Cup Work On Sheet Metal?

Vacuum suction cups are an essential tool in the sheet metal industry, providing a safe and efficient way to handle and transport sheet metal during production processes. These versatile devices are used to pick up and move sheets of metal with ease, reducing the risk of damage and scratches, while ensuring accuracy and precision during handling. What are vacuum suction […]

Prevent Suction Marks On Glass or Sensitive Surface

Since glass is highly fragile, vacuum pads are commonly used to transport glass panes, as they provide a secure grip and prevent the glass from sliding or shifting during transit. The industrial suction cups create a tight seal on the surface of the glass panes, allowing it to be lifted and moved with ease. Vacuum pads are especially useful for […]

Choose The Best Pneumatic Lifting Equipment For You

In pursuit of staff health and working efficiency in production line, warehousing or manufacturing sites, the access to a proper pneumatic lifting equipment is important. While in choosing the right lifting equipment, a complex selection and offering from various companies are big challenges. The right vacuum lifter system solution will save a quite spending in time and budget.  What is […]

Window and facade installation made easy

With the eT-Litocran700, euroTECH Vertriebs GmbH introduces a newly designed installation device that has an extremely high level of 3D fine control, which allows very fast and, above all, precise installation of windows as well as glass and facade elements. With the new eT-Litocran700, Eurotech wants to make installation easier for window and facade manufacturers. The new device consists of […]

Suction Cup Materials in Industries

Industrial Suction Cup Material Overview There are a variety of material for producing vacuum suction cups. Common materials are NBR (Nitrile butadiene rubber), NR (Natural rubber), SIR (Silicone), FKM or FPM or Viton® (Fluoro rubber), PU (Polyurethane) are common in material list of vacuum suction cup. Proper selection of the right industrial suction cup depends on the industrial application and environment […]

Industrial suction cups universal for glass pane lifting

Industrial Suction Cups for all industries RL series suction cups are engineered for universal applications. The medium-length sealing lip and groove rubber support design help increase the stability during workpieces handling. The replaceable seal design reduces the pressure for storing spare parts inventory and is more financially efficient. We provide RL Series in a variety of dimensions, ranging from 120mm […]

Replaceable Design – Vacuum Suction Cups Engineered for Thick Glass

The replaceable seal design is the future of a sustainable production ecosystem The modulization of vacuum system with replaceable designs are the future of a sustainable production ecosystem. Companies enhance competitive advantage by increasing productivity while reducing overall costs. EUROTECH TAIWAN has been working on refining and improving vacuum products with modulization concept. PK Series with Replaceable Seal Design Suction Plate 280 […]

Vertical Glass Edge Processing Machine

Vacuum Pad Parts for Glass Industry Glass pane products can receive various types of glass edge treatments for the corresponding functionality and performance. The edging of glass pane could improve safety, aesthetics, functionality while improving tolerance of the dimension and helping to prevent chipping. EUROTECH Taiwan provides vacuum pad parts for vertical glass edge processing machines. There are different type […]

Avoid suction marks on glass with MTC suction plate covers

MTC Suction Cup Covers Designed for Vacuum Suction Cups for Glass Glass is a fragile but universal material. Since glass is a sensitive material, the use of vacuum technology and vacuum suction cups are often applied in order to transport glass without damaging it. Such lifting devices are not only needed in production and handling process, but also in further […]

Vacuum Cups for Laminated Glass Cutting Line

Industrial Suction Cups Laminated Glass for Leading Austrian Laminated Glass Cutting Machines EUROTECH TAIWAN, known for its very large selection on oval suction plates for all kinds of handling applications has added 2 more oval suction plates to its manufacturing and sales program. Type 70×85 mm and 68×168 mm industrial suction cups are suitable for Austrian laminated glass cutting table. During […]