Suction Cup Covers

Suction Cup Covers - Avoid Suction Marks on Sensitive Surfaces

During the manufacturing process of laminated glass and insulating glass,  the use of suction cup covers for suction plates on vacuum cups help avoid suction marks by physically separating the two materials from each other. The triggers of physical reaction or chemical reaction are prevented.

The long and strong contact between industrial suction cups and glass results in suction marks. Especially during the manufacturing process of laminated glass and insulating glass, suction marks on the inside of the glass panes are tough issues. Protection cover for suction plates is the best solution to avoid suction marks and thus increase efficiency of production line without additional cleaning efforts.


Suction Cup Covers MTC

The design of non-woven fabric comes with tear-resistant characteristics and prevents suction marks on sensitive workpieces.


Suction Covers MTC SSUZ

MTC SSUZ Series protect industrial suction cup against the harmful particle and lengthening the life of the system.

Suction cup protection covers are easy and quick installation. The covers work perfectly on all kinds of material of vacuum suction cups. The application help avoid suction cups on laminated glass, insulating glass, sheet metal, stainless steel and even stone. And they are reusable for better economical benefit. EUROTECH provides a wide range of dimensions which are optimized for both flat and bellow suction cups and suction plates. Tailor-made dimensions are available on request.