Connection Nipples

Vacuum Suction Cup Connection Nipples

The vacuum suction cup connection nipples are important for the whole vacuum handling system. The fittings and nipples help connect suction plates/vacuum industrial suction cups and vacuum hoses together to deliver a vacuum environment to the whole lifting system. 


A variety of connection nipples are designed for various application to meet industry requirement. Some features are:

  • Selection of materials in brass and steel
  • Rigid and reliable sealing to vacuum suction cups and suction plates
  • Tailor-made versions for component
  • A variety of diameters and thread thicknesses for selection

Connection Nipples Spec Overview


Industrial Suction Cups

Industrial vacuum suction cups with flat, bellow types and various materials.

Suction Plate System

Vacuum suction plates with modular design for all vacuum handling systems.

Clamping Elements

A variety of clamping solutions for all kinds of suspension and structure systems.