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Suction Cup Covers - Help Avoid Suction Marks on Glass

Glass is a fragile but universal material. The use of vacuum handling technology is often applied in order to move glass without damaging it. The lifting devices are not only used in production and handling process, but also in manufacturing processing and assembly.

The long and strong contact between vacuum suction cup and glass results in suction marks. During the manufacturing process of laminated glass and insulating glass, suction marks often appear on the surface. Suction cup covers are thus the best solution to avoid marks.

Marks on glass is a tough issue when handling workpieces with sensitive surface. When handling laminated glass, insulating glass, coated glass or even mirror, suction marks usually appear on the surfaces. 


euroTECH invented and patented suction cup covers, series MTC, to prevent suction cup marks on sensitive surfaces. There is a large selection from diameter 20mm to 550mm and oval design up to 600mm x 1250mm. Tailer-made size of MTC is available on request.

Suction Marks on Glass Surface: Preventing Residue Buildup

During handling tasks with vacuum lifting devices, suction marks may adhere to glass surfaces if the glass is not clean or if the vacuum cups are not adequately maintained. Residue on the glass surface can diminish suction force, resulting in a weaker grip and increasing the risk of glass dropping or damage. Dust, dirt, oil, and water spots are common types of residue that can compromise the grip of vacuum suction cups. Over time, these substances accumulate on the glass surface, hindering the vacuum suction cups’ ability to form a strong seal.


Suction cup marks on glass are impressions left behind when suction cups adhere to glass surfaces. In some cases, the material of the suction cup marks on glass mirrors the material of the suction cup itself. When a suction cup contacts a glass surface, it establishes a vacuum, causing it to cling to the surface. This vacuum is generated by displacing air between the suction cup and the glass. Typically composed of rubber or silicone, the suction cup forms a seal with the surface, thus creating the vacuum. Upon removal, the suction cup may leave behind circular or oval-shaped marks on the glass surface. These marks stem from the seal and vacuum effect generated by the suction cup, rather than any residue left by it.

Suction cup marks can be both unattractive and challenging to eliminate, especially when they’ve been present for an extended period. These marks result from the adhesive properties of the suction cup, which generate a vacuum effect, adhering the cup to the surface. Upon removal, the suction cup leaves behind circular or oval-shaped imprints on the glass. If not avoiding the marks from buildup, even safely removing suction cup marks from glass demands a delicate approach and the application of appropriate cleaning methods to prevent glass damage.

MTC Suction Cup Cover

Suction marks are one of the toughest issue for glass production. These marks are white and gray particles that are easily piled up on glass surface and layers during handling. Once the mark appears, we need to clean them with water or glass cleaner. The bigger the glass pane is, the more effort is required.

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Avoid Suction Marks on Laminated Glass and Insulating Glass


The suction cup protection cover serve an essential purpose in the manufacturing process of laminated and insulating glass. With the cover, the touch between the vacuum cups and the glass surface is prevented. As a result, there are no imperfections and defects on the workpieces surface due to the blockage.

In addition to preventing physical reactions, the covers also protect against chemical reactions between the glass and the vacuum cups. Those chemical reactions can lead to stain or damages to the glass surface.

To sum up, the use of suction cup covers on vacuum cups is a crucial step. By preventing physical and chemical reactions, manufacturers can produce glass products that meet the highest standards of performance, safety, and aesthetics.

MTC Series Covers


Suction cup covers MTC fit onto different dimensions of suction cup and vacuum lifter systems. The covers series ranges from 20mm to 550mm to help prevent suction marks on different size of glass plates.

The design of non-woven fabric comes with tear-resistant characteristics and help prevents suction marks on sensitive workpieces.

MTC SSUZ Series Covers


When vacuum lifters or suction plates are not in use, they are weak to dust, moisture, and powders in the factory. These element can adversely affect their performance and reduce their lifespan. 

The MTC SSUZ Series covers offer a protection for these suction cups and extend the life of the whole system. These covers are designed to fit over the vacuum cups of all types of vacuum seals.

The MTC SSUZ Series covers are made of high-quality, durable materials that can withstand harsh working conditions. They are easy to install and remove, allowing for quick and convenient maintenance of the vacuum cups. The covers offer a tight and secure fit to prevent any debris or moisture from entering the vacuum cups.

Technical Data

Suction cup covers are easy to install. The covers work perfectly on all kinds of material of workpieces. The covers for vacuum suction cups can be applied to suction cups made of any type of material. MTC covers help avoid suction marks on laminated glass, insulating glass, sheet metal, engineered quartz and even stone. 

Round Suction Cup Cover for Suction Plates


Oval Suction Cup Cover for Suction Plates

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