Vacuum Cups Carrying Capacity

Vacuum Cups Carrying Capacity

EUROTECH provides wide selection of industrial vacuum suction cups for different industrial applications. According to DIN EN 13155, the vacuum cups carrying capacity specifies the maximum load that a suction cup can carry under the conditions specified by the manufacturer.

The carrying capacity of suction cups is calculated using the following formulas:


m: Carrying capacity

p: Differential pressure between ambient pres- sure and system pressure (corresponds to the amount of the relative vacuum)

[Pa] = [N/m2] = [kg/m x s2]

A: Effective suction area [m2]

g: Gravitational acceleration

[m/s2]g ≈ 9,81 m/s2

SF: Safety factor (partly dependent on the area of application and on national standards and directives)

μ: Friction coefficient (depends on surface properties, surface pressure, temperature)

The friction coefficients must be considered when calculating vertical carrying capacity. Friction coefficients can be disregarded for horizontal carrying capacities.

A meaningful friction coefficient can only be determined if the general conditions are considered.

The values for the vertical capacity specified in this catalogue always use a friction coefficient of μ = 0.5 and refer to measurements taken on dry glass under lab conditions. The real friction coefficients and the real vertical carrying capacities may differ proportionally from the catalogue data.