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Avoid suction marks on glass with MTC suction plate covers

Avoid suction marks on glass with MTC suction plate covers


MTC Suction Cup Covers Designed for Vacuum Suction Cups for Glass

Glass is a fragile but universal material. Since glass is a sensitive material, the use of vacuum technology and vacuum suction cups are often applied in order to transport glass without damaging it. Such lifting devices are not only needed in production and handling process, but also in further processing and assembly, such as glass cutting machines, insulating laminated glass machine, laminated glass machines, glass glazing machine. The long and strong contact between vacuum suction cup and glass results in suction marks. Especially during the manufacturing process of laminated glass and insulating glass, suction marks on the inside of the glass panes are tough issues. Suction cup covers on vacuum suction cups for glass is the best solution to avoid suction marks. And thus, it increases efficiency of production line without additional cleaning efforts. Special thanks to GlassonWeb for sharing information.

Various MTC suction cup covers for avoiding suction marks on various vacuum suction cups for glass


Suction marks on glass is a tough issue when handling workpieces with sensitive surface. When lifting laminated glass, insulating glass, coated glass, polished stainless steel sheets or even mirror, suction marks usually appear on the surfaces. To avoid suction marks on glass, euroTECH invented and patented suction plate cover, series MTC, to prevent suction cup marks on sensitive surfaces. There is a large selection from diameter 20mm to 550mm and oval design up to 600mm x 1250mm adaptable to vacuum suction cups for glass. We also offer tailor-made protection covers for special types of vacuum suction cups in oval or rectangular.

Technical data of MTC protection cover

Suction cup protection covers are easy and quick installation. The covers work perfectly on all kinds of material of vacuum suction cups. The application help avoid suction cups on laminated glass, insulating glass, sheet metal, stainless steel and even stone. And they are reusable for better economical benefit. EUROTECH provides a wide range of dimensions which are optimized for both flat and bellow suction cups and suction plates. Tailor-made dimensions are available on request.

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