Suction Cups for Wood Handling

Vacuum Suction Cups for Wood Handling

Suction cups for wood lifting come with thicker sealing lip and are good fit for handling workpieces with a slightly rough surface, such as wood. Wooden products are often porous or breathable workpieces such as MDF or particle board. In this way, only one workpiece is picked up and held. Commonly seem wood products are MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), HDF (High Density Fiberboard), Veneer, Plywood, Particle Board.

In vacuum lifting process, wood materials are easily sticking together when de-stacking. As a result, an integrated design of vacuum and compression air to reduce sticking effect are best solution for shortening working cycle. 

Spare Parts for Short-Cycle Press and Laminating Line

Common machines for wood industries are: short-cycle press, membrane press, raw board handling machine, panel sawing line, multi-opening press system, etc. EUROTECH TAIWAN provides vacuum suction cup for wood processing machines to help customer reduce machine downtime to concentrate in maximizing productivity. 

  • Suction plate seal for smooth surfaces
  • Dimension from 70 mm to 350 mm is available
  • Short, medium and long sealing lip and groove rubber support are available
  • Aluminum or steel base plate
  • Drilling template available on customer request

Bellows Suction Cups R

Diameter: 80mm to 250mm
Material: NBR


Bellows Suction Cups CO

Diameter: 110mm, 150mm
Material: NBR, Silicone


Bellows Suction Cups BBSC CO - 3.5 folds

Diameter: 150mm
Material: NBR


Bellows Suction Cups BBSC 60 x 140

Dimension: 60mm x 140mm
Material: NBR, Silicone


Flat Suction Cups RL

Diameter: 120mm to 400mm
Material: NBR, Silicone, Viton


Flat Suction Cups PK

Diameter: 200mm, 280mm
Material: NBR Black


BSC 50 FL 2.5 folds

Diameter: 50mm
Material: NBR, Silicone


Flat Suction Cups NO

Diameter: 160mm, 230mm, 250mm
Material: NBR


Flat Suction Cups BSP 250 L

Diameter: 250mm
Material: NBR


Flat Suction Cups BSP Pressmaster

Diameter: 200mm x 350mm
Material: Silicone


Bellows Suction Cups BSC D Series

Diameter: 11 mm to 80 mm Material: NBR

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