Laminated Glass Cutting

Laminated Glass Cutting Process

Laminated glass cutting is a specialized process used to cut laminated glass sheets into desired shapes and sizes. Laminated glass consists of two or more layers of glass with an interlayer of plastic (usually polyvinyl butyral, PVB) sandwiched between them, which makes the cutting process more complex than cutting standard glass.

Vacuum Cups for Laminated Glass Cutting Tables


BLSP 68 x 168 LS

Diameter: 68x168mm
Material: PU

BLSP 65 x 85 IMC |
BLSP 85 x 120 IMC

Diameter: 65x85mm, 85x120mm Material: PU

BLSP 40 X 165 IMC

Diameter: 40x165mm
Material: PU