Suction Plates

Suction Plates Series

Vacuum suction plates portfolio with suspension system

To fulfill various industrial needs for degree of flexibility when lifting workpieces, vacuum suction plates type A-P, type R-K, type Rigid, Pin-Valve (PV) design are engineered and developed. With the replaceable seal and clamping solutions, we could realize modular concept on vacuum system to deliver economic benefit for reducing inventory pressure and internal logistic cost. Vacuum fittings and components are available for customization.

  • Rigid Series for fixed suspension
  • A-P Suspension Series (10° pivoting on all sides)
  • R-K Suspension Series (10° pivoting on all sides)
  • PV (Pin-Valve) Series

BSP R Series A-P

Diameter: 110mm, 160mm, 250mm


BSP RL Series A-P

Diameter: from 120mm to 400mm


BSP RL Series R-K

Diameter: from 120mm to 400mm


BSP SCP Series Rigid

Dimension: 142mm, 192mm, 232mm

Clamping piece for suction plates

Clamping pieces plays an important role in applying suction plates. It help attach firmly the industrial suction cups or suction plates on the desired position of a vacuum handling system. BCCP in Aluminum, is a cross clamping piece made in two parts and allows quick installation also on closed frames. Both parts are mounted together with one screw and one star knob screw for easy adjustment within the lifting frame. The front section has the guide tube for the suspension bold which is equipped with 2 guide bushing for smooth and wear free movement of the suspension bolt.

The suction plate cross clamping pieces are suitable for suspension bolts Ø 16 mm or Ø 20 mm. The guide bushings are made of POM, the guide tubes Ø 20 mm are also made of oil-soaked sintered bronze. As a result of the split Type of construction, the profiles can be installed very quickly, even on closed frames.

Aluminum Clamping Plate
Type Series BCCP (Alu.)
Type Series BCCP (Steel)
Aluminum Flange Plate

Most of the time those cross clamping pieces are used with suspension bolts Ø 20 mm in handling systems. The guide bushes can be replaced after years of use and if needed. We supply those guide bushes for those cross clamping piece either in oil lubricated sinter bronze or in special Polymer compound. There are 4 variation available. Details you will find in our catalogue.

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