How Do Vacuum Pads Work?

Vacuum pads, also known as industrial suction cups, are widely used in a variety of industries for material handling and transportation. The utilization of vacuum lifting technology through the implementation of vacuum pressure has revolutionized the material handling and transportation industry by providing a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective solution compared to traditional manual lifting techniques. The use of vacuum […]

Does Industrial Suction Cup Work On Sheet Metal?

Vacuum suction cups are an essential tool in the sheet metal industry, providing a safe and efficient way to handle and transport sheet metal during production processes. These versatile devices are used to pick up and move sheets of metal with ease, reducing the risk of damage and scratches, while ensuring accuracy and precision during handling. What are vacuum suction […]

Prevent Suction Marks On Glass or Sensitive Surface

Since glass is highly fragile, vacuum pads are commonly used to transport glass panes, as they provide a secure grip and prevent the glass from sliding or shifting during transit. The industrial suction cups create a tight seal on the surface of the glass panes, allowing it to be lifted and moved with ease. Vacuum pads are especially useful for […]

Essential Role of Vacuum Gauges in a Vacuum Lifting Machine

A vacuum lifting machine is a mechanical device that uses suction cups and vacuum pressure to lift and move heavy objects, such as glass sheets, metal sheets and even sacks. This solution helps to improve efficiency, reduce the risk of injury for employees, and minimize the chance of damage to the workpieces being lifted. In a vacuum lifter, there are […]

How To Select The Right Vacuum Lifting Machine?

What is a vacuum lifting machine? Vacuum lifting machine is a versatile and efficient material handling solution that allow for safe and efficient handling of heavy and large loads. A vacuum lifting machine, also called vacuum lifter, is a material handling device engineered to lift, move and position loads using suction force. It typically consists of a vacuum generator, vacuum […]

How to handle glass pane with vacuum cups?

Glass panes are widely utilized in various industries and applications, primarily due to their transparency, strength, and versatility. In construction and architectural fields, glass panes are often utilized as windows and skylights, allowing for the admission of natural light and providing unobstructed views. In industrial sector, glass panes are frequently employed in displays, mirrors, and solar panels, as their transparency […]

Choose The Best Pneumatic Lifting Equipment For You

In pursuit of staff health and working efficiency in production line, warehousing or manufacturing sites, the access to a proper pneumatic lifting equipment is important. While in choosing the right lifting equipment, a complex selection and offering from various companies are big challenges. The right vacuum lifter system solution will save a quite spending in time and budget.  What is […]

When do we use a silicone suction cup in industry?

Vacuum suction cup is an essential end tool for a wide range of automation systems. This is a common type of grippers frequently used across industries, such as glass, automotive, wood, metal, and food industries. Suction cups are composed with 2 main parts: the vacuum suction cup and the connector that bridges the suction cup with the vacuum system.  The […]

How to use suction cups for glass?

In the fast changing era, businesses need to take serious consideration on the next generation industrial solutions to deal with uncertainties in future challenges. We find it especially essential for automation market. Vacuum suction cups in vacuum automation Over the years, the vacuum automation market has embraced vacuum suction cups to boost production efficiency, aided by the increasing adoption of […]

Bellow suction cups: 1.5 to 3.5 folds make a difference

In automation processes, distribution and logistics industries demand high pick rates. euroTECH’s solution for this is a variety of round bellow suction cups series. These are adaptable to different types, forms and contours of the packaging goods to be gripped. To achieve a high speed and efficiency for sorting and pick and placing tasks, speed is of the essence. Common workpieces in […]