Vacuum Blower

Vacuum generators are essential devices for various industrial and scientific purposes, such as vacuum packaging, material handling, and laboratory experiments. These generators create a controlled environment for different processes like drying, degassing, and distillation. Vacuum generators operate by creating a vacuum, an area of low pressure, through the elimination of air or gases from a sealed system or chamber. Ejectors, vacuum blowers, and rotary vane vacuum pumps are some of the different types of vacuum generators that are available.

Industrial Vacuum Blower in Single Stage and Double Stage

A vacuum blower, also known as a type of vacuum generators, is a type of vacuum device that utilizes a centrifugal or positive displacement blower to create a vacuum. This process involves drawing air or gas through an inlet and then expelling it at a higher velocity through an outlet, which creates a low-pressure area and generates a vacuum.

Vacuum blowers are widely used in various industrial applications such as material handling, pneumatic conveying, and wastewater treatment. They can also be utilized for residential purposes, such as yard cleaning or removing water from flooded areas.

Centrifugal blowers, rotary lobe blowers, and screw blowers are some of the types of vacuum blowers available. Centrifugal blowers utilize a spinning impeller to create a vacuum, while positive displacement blowers use lobes, screws, or vanes to compress and move air or gas. Choosing the right type of blower for an application depends on the desired flow rate and pressure, among other factors.


One of the key advantages of using EUROTECH vacuum blowers is their high suction capacity, which makes them ideal for handling and lifting porous workpieces such as wood boards. The blowers are also designed to be energy-efficient, ensuring low operating costs and reduced environmental impact.

When it comes to selecting the right vacuum generator, the choice between a single-stage and two-stage blower is an important consideration. While both types of blowers are capable of generating a vacuum, a two-stage blower typically produces higher pressure differences than a single-stage blower. This can be beneficial in applications that require a higher level of vacuum.

Technical Data on Vacuum Blowers

  • Single-stage model vacuum blower
  • Medium final vacuum with high flow rate
  • Very low vibration
  • Long service life thanks to lifetime-lubricated bearing
  • Available as a complete construction unit with assembled change-over valve, suction limitation and vacuum filter

Proper maintenance and regular inspections are important for ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of a vacuum blower. This includes regular lubrication, cleaning, and replacing worn parts as needed.

With extensive experience in the industry, EUROTECH is a leading supplier of industrial vacuum generator system that are specially designed for a variety of applications and vacuum systems. The company provides a broad selection of vacuum blowers that are engineered to deliver exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and reliability. EUROTECH also offers a comprehensive range of vacuum components, handling solutions, and transport solutions to complement its vacuum blowers. This includes a wide range of customer-specific vacuum suction cups tailored to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

By offering a range of both off-the-shelf and custom solutions, EUROTECH is able to meet the diverse needs of its clients, regardless of their industry or application. The company’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction has made it a trusted partner for businesses across a wide range of industries.