Vacuum Gripping Systems

Area Gripper and Vacuum Gripping System

Vacuum gripping systems are designed for handling different surfaces with various conditions such as porosity and airtight, etc. These area gripping systems are commonly applied on workpieces from various materials, like wood, glass, packaging, metal sheets, etc.

With a sealing foams for area gripping systems, eT-Gripper can improve production efficiency by enabling the handling of multiple objects simultaneously. This can be particularly useful in high-volume manufacturing environments, where time and productivity are critical factors. By automating the handling of objects, vacuum gripping systems can also reduce the risk of worker injury or fatigue.


  • For handling cutting and construction wood, wood shavings, glue and sheet goods, pallets and crate parts
  • Can also be used with cracks, knots or very battered, rough surfaces
  • Service and maintenance-friendly system
  • For use in sawmills, the wood and furniture industry
  • Compact design and low total weight allow use with industrial robots and portals
  • Made of aluminum extruded section
  • Available in various sizes

eT-Gripper Sealing Foams for Vacuum Gripping System


Best for handling cutting and construction wood, wood shavings, glue and sheet goods, pallets and crate parts. Suction box section with two upper grooves and one grove on each side. Bolt system for opening and closing the suction box with integrated Vacuum gauge and valve carrier plate.


Vacuum gripping systems are designed to provide a reliable and efficient method for handling objects with varying surface properties. One of the advantages of using a vacuum gripping system like the eT-Gripper is its ability to handle workpieces with different porosity levels. The system can adjust the suction force according to the surface of the object, ensuring a secure grip regardless of its texture or roughness.

eT-Gripper and Suction Cup Variant

The eT-Gripper also comes with a vacuum cups variant for lifting all size of plates in various forms. It is versatile in handling workpieces made from different materials. It can be used to handle objects made of wood, glass, plastic, and even fragile materials like ceramic or porcelain. 

The eT-Gripper’s end effector is customizable. Operators can replace the suction foam with vacuum pads of other shapes and sizes for different workpieces, providing a precise and secure grip.


Industrial Suction Cups

Industrial vacuum suction cups with flat, bellow types and various materials.

Suction Plate System

Vacuum suction plates with modular design for all vacuum handling systems.

Clamping Elements

A variety of clamping solutions for all kinds of suspension and structure systems.