Industrial suction cups universal for glass pane lifting

Industrial Suction Cups for all industries RL series suction cups are engineered for universal applications. The medium-length sealing lip and groove rubber support design help increase the stability during workpieces handling. The replaceable seal design reduces the pressure for storing spare parts inventory and is more financially efficient. We provide RL Series in a variety of dimensions, ranging from 120mm […]

Ergonomic Valve Control – Manual Slide Valve Series BHSV

The ergonomic valve manual slide valve type BHSV covers 4 types, starting with G1/4”, G3/8”, G ½”, G3/4”. BHSV-D is only in  G1/2” available. In General those hand slide valves are used to switch from suction to release be means of the sliding the sleeve back or forward.  Such hand slide valves can be also installed to control the vacuum […]

Manometer Low Vacuum Gauge for Monitoring Vacuum Handling System

Manometer Low Vacuum Gauge Vacuum gauge plays a key role in a vacuum system and vacuum lifters. Its analog measurement helps visually monitor the vacuum. To fulfill the monitoring needs from the market, there are 2 types of vacuum gauges available. First is vacuum gauge type BVG-HV for high vacuum. And second is type BVG-NV manometer low vacuum gauge. In general we […]

Vertical Glass Edge Processing Machine

Vacuum Pad Parts for Glass Industry Glass pane products can receive various types of glass edge treatments for the corresponding functionality and performance. The edging of glass pane could improve safety, aesthetics, functionality while improving tolerance of the dimension and helping to prevent chipping. EUROTECH Taiwan provides vacuum pad parts for vertical glass edge processing machines. There are different type […]

Vacuum Cups for Laminated Glass Cutting Line

Industrial Suction Cups Laminated Glass for Leading Austrian Laminated Glass Cutting Machines EUROTECH TAIWAN, known for its very large selection on oval suction plates for all kinds of handling applications has added 2 more oval suction plates to its manufacturing and sales program. Type 70×85 mm and 68×168 mm industrial suction cups are suitable for Austrian laminated glass cutting table. During […]