Flat Suction Cups (Oval)

Oval suction cups

In industrial settings, flat suction cups in oval offer numerous advantages and applications. They play a crucial role in various industries due to their ability to create a vacuum seal, allowing them to securely grip and move objects. The oval shape of these suction cups helps to improve contact with the surface of the object, resulting in a more stable grip.

One of the potential applications of flat oval suction cups is in the sheet metal processing industry. These suction cups can be used to lift and transport large metal sheets, ensuring safe and efficient handling of materials. They can also be used for positioning and aligning the sheets during the assembly process. Another application is in the woodworking industry, where flat oval suction cups can be utilized to lift and move large wooden panels or sheets. This allows for efficient handling of materials and reduces the risk of damage during transportation.

In the glass industry, these glass handling suction cups are commonly used for handling delicate glass sheets or panels. Their secure grip helps prevent accidents and ensures the safe movement of fragile materials.

Flat Suction Cups (Oval)


Flat Suction Cups PU

Dimension: 68mm x 168mm
Material: PU


Flat Suction Cups 180 x 580 L

Dimension: 180mm x 580mm
Material: NBR


Flat Suction Cups XXL

Dimension: 410mm x 810mm
Material: NBR


Flat Suction Cups BY

Dimension: 80mm x 150mm, 90mm x 250mm
Material: NBR


Flat Suction Cups XL

Dimension: 410mm x 810mm, 380mm x 500mm, 350mm x 600mm
Material: NBR


Flat Suction Cups IMC Series

Diameter: 90mm to 120mm
Material: NBR


Flat Suction Cups BLSP 90 x 190 LS

Dimension: 90mm x 190mm
Material: NR, NBR


Flat Suction Cups 69x169 NBR

Diameter: 69mm x 169mm
Material: NBR


Flat Suction Cups 150x370 NBR

Diameter: 150mm x 370mm
Material: NBR

Advantages of Oval-Shape Vacuum Cups

Advantages of oval flat vacuum cups include:
  • Versatility: They can be used to lift and move various materials like glass, metal sheets, plastic objects, and more. This makes them a popular choice in industries where a wide range of materials need to be handled.
  • Safety: The vacuum seal created by the suction cup provides a secure grip on objects, reducing the risk of accidents and damage to materials.
  • Efficiency: Flat oval vacuum suction cups allow for faster and more precise handling of materials, increasing productivity in manufacturing and packaging processes.
  • Reduced labor: Using suction cups to lift and move objects can reduce the amount of manual force required, minimizing worker fatigue and the risk of injury.
  • Customization: The flat suction seals can be manufactured in various sizes and materials to meet specific industry requirements.

Common Applications of Flat Oval Suction Cups Include

  • Glass handling: They are frequently used in glass manufacturing and processing plants to move and position large glass sheets safely and efficiently.
  • Automotive industry: In automobile manufacturing, these suction cups are used to lift and position sheet metal panels during the assembly process.
  • Packaging industry: Flat oval suction cups can be used to handle and position various packaging materials, such as plastic films, cardboard, or metal sheets.
  • Robotics and automation: Many automated systems and robotic arms utilize flat suction cups as end effectors for material handling tasks.
  • Electronics manufacturing: They can be used to handle delicate components, such as printed circuit boards and semiconductor wafers, without causing damage.

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