Shape of Industrial Suction Cups

Shapes of Suction Cups

Industrial vacuum suction cups can be sorted by shapes into universal industrial suction cups and suction cups for specific applications. Flat suction cups and bellow suction cups are the most common vacuum cups for the requirements of various industries. 

While the shapes of a suction cup provides advantages that optimize the performance of applications, different suction cup materials also play critical for the selection of industrial suction cups.

Flat Vacuum Suction Cups

Flat suction cups are suitable for handling smooth or lightly structured surfaces. Due to their low inner volume, air inside flat suction cups can be evacuated quickly, therefore they can carry workpieces in a very short time.

Common areas of application

  • Smooth or slightly structured workpieces, such as glass panes, sheet metal, MDF/HDF, wooden boards and plastic products
  • Especially fit into short-cycle times applications

Bellow Vacuum Suction Cup

Bellow suction cup is suitable for handling uneven and structured surfaces. The folds from the suction cups help stably handle workpieces in different directions and angles. The bellows help compensate the height difference of the workpieces.

Typical areas of application

  • Workpieces that needs height compensation.
  • Curved or uneven workpieces such as Veneer, cardboards, etc.
  • Non-rigid or flexible workpieces

Oval Suction Cup

Oval: suction cups are suitable for slim and oblong workpieces like wood frame elements, doors, windows and pipes. Oval vacuum cups can generate high forces for handling all kinds of thin and curved objects. 

Typical areas of application

  • Good for handling long and narrow workpieces
  • Able to grip workpiece fast and precisely with small volume