Vacuum Lifters

Vacuum Lifters and Handling Systems

For numerous years, euroTECH Vertriebs GmbH has been synonymous with expertise in vacuum handling. Our extensive experience and knowledge empower us to discover innovative solutions in mechanical engineering that guarantee customer satisfaction. Initially recognized for vacuum components and small assemblies, today we offer comprehensive loading, stacking, and order picking systems. Our proficient team of designers and technicians collaborates closely with clients to develop proposals and oversees the implementation process from the initial design phase to the final handover.

Modern Handling Solutions for Professional Use

  • All vacuum lifting devices comply with the requirements of current safety standards
  • Easy adjustment of the crossbars on the longitudinal traverse
  • Ergonomically designed operating unit integrates all functions in one device
  • Number of crossbars and suction plates can be expanded
  • Quick release of loads through quick ventilation function
  • Various seal geometries and sealing materials are available for all lifting devices


Horizontal lifting of vacuum-tight loads like glass panes, plastic sheets, dense wooden boards, etc.

Load capacity: Max. 4000 kg



Horizontal and vertical handling and manual turning & manual or electrical pivoting
(indoor & outdoor)

Load capacity: Max. 700 kg



Vacuum area gripping systems for handling different surfaces with various conditions such as porosity and airtight, etc.



Horizontal and/or vertical handling, manual pivoting

Load capacity: Max. 1000 kg



horizontal and/or vertical handling and manual turning & manual or electrical pivoting

Load capacity: Max. 500 kg



horizontal and vertical handling and manual turning & manual pivoting

Load capacity: Max. 360 kg

General Catalog for Vacuum Lifters and Handling Devices

Welcome to euroTECH Handling’s comprehensive catalog showcasing our extensive range of vacuum lifters and handling devices. Designed to meet the diverse needs of modern industries, our products combine cutting-edge technology with superior craftsmanship to optimize material handling processes and improve operational efficiency.