Industry Solutions with Vacuum Technology

Glass Lifting
Vacuum components and spare parts for float glass, laminated glass, safety glass.
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Wood Plate Lifting
Vacuum components for Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), High Density Fiberboard (HDF), Particle Board, Plywood, Veneer.
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Sheet Metal Lifting
Vacuum suction cup for sheet metal, metal plate lifting.
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Stone Lifting
Vacuum components for lifting stone, concrete and slab with very coarse or structured surfaces.
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EUROTECH provides a wide selection of industry solutions with vacuum technology. Vacuum technology is widely used in automation, handling and logistics applications in industries such as glass, sheet metal, wood, plastic, automotive, food, etc. With our vacuum technology, we offer solutions to customer from a variety of industries to fulfill a more efficient production processes. 

Industry Solutions with Industrial Vacuum Suction Cups


Suction Cups for Wood Handling

The wood industry consists of several areas: sawing industry, wood-based materials industry, waste wood recycling, furniture construction, woodworking or wood trade.

Common wood processing machines:
short-cycle presses, wood-based panel production, MDF and particle board plant.


Suction Cups for Glass Handling

Glass is a material in which safety, precision and reliability play a major role. The surface of glass can be smooth or structured, coated or otherwise refined and therefore places the highest demands on vacuum components and handling devices.

Common glass processing machines:
vertical automatic loader, vertical cutting line, automatic stock selector, arrissing machines, edging machine, laminating line.


Suction Cups for Handling Sheet Metal

Loading and unloading application of sheet metal are commonly seen in laser cutting machines, sheet metal processing and handling machines, sheet metal loading equipment and warehousing systems solutions for steel production, sheet metal, shipyard and rolling mill.

Common glass processing machines:
shipbuilding, crane weighing, coil lifter, metal plate lifter.

Commonly Lifted and Handled Materials

Glass Pane Types in Glass Pane Processing Industry


Flat glass is produced from the float process. There are several glass pane types which suit a variety of applications and requirements. Commonly seem types are annealed glass, heat strengthened glass, laminated glass and tempered glass.

Wooden Board Materials: MDF/HDF, OSB, Particle board, Plywood and Veneer


In wood processing and furniture industry, wooden panels are commonly applied. Frequently used wooden board materials are MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), HDF (High Density Fiberboard), OSB (Oriented Strand Board), Particle Board and Plywood. These wooden panels come with different physical characteristics with fit into different kinds of construction or building applications. 

Sheet Metal Types in Metal Forming Industry


There are several major sheet metal types with its corresponding unique advantages, such as Aluminum, Alloy steel, Carbon steel, Tool steel, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel, etc. And sheet metal is used in the manufacturing of automotive bodies, medical tables, roofs for construction buildings and many industrial applications.