Suction Cups for Material Handling


Vacuum Suction Cups

• For handling uneven workpieces
• Replaceable seal design


Bellows Suction Cups

• Industrial bellows suction cups


Suction Cup Covers

• Avoid suction marks on glass and sensitive surfaces.

Vacuum Lifters for Glass and Wood Workpieces



Horizontal lifting of vacuum-tight loads like glass panes, plastic sheets, dense wooden boards, etc.

Load capacity: Max. 4000 kg



Horizontal and vertical handling and manual turning & manual or electrical pivoting
(indoor & outdoor)

Load capacity: Max. 700 kg



Vacuum area gripping systems for handling different surfaces with various conditions such as porosity and airtight, etc.

Easy maintenance and robust gripper for wood and packaging industries

Vacuum Components for Vacuum Handling


PU Suction Cups

• Suction cups for laminated glass processing machines


Vacuum Seals for CNC

• Industrial suction cups for CNC machining center


Vacuum Generators

Solutions for generation and reservation of vacuum.

Lifting Solutions with Suction Cups for All Industries

EUROTECH provides a variety of vacuum suction cups for handling different workpieces like wood, glass, stone, sheet metal and plastic. Our handling solution includes special lifting tools which can be customized to fit the needs of different industries. This helps speed up production, make work easier, and keep products safe while using less energy.

The suction cups are made to lift things without damaging them and to keep the machines safe too. EUROTECH uses quality materials and new technology to make sure their products are reliable and work well.

Glass handling suction cups

Industrial suction cups for float glass, laminated glass, safety glass.

Suction cups for handling wood

Used for lifting MDF, HDF, OSB, particle board, plywood, veneer.

Suction Cups for Handling Sheet Metal

Vacuum cups for metal plates of extra-large dimensions and weights.

Modular and Replaceable Design of Suction Cups

With modular concept, engineers are allowed for easy customization and maintenance of their vacuum suction cups. The wear parts can be replaced easily. If something is wrong, it can be fixed without having to throw the whole thing away. 

The vacuum seals can also be customized to fit different jobs. With EUROTECH’s suction cups, companies can achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and reduced costs, enhancing competitive advantage.


Modular suction cups

Replaceable vacuum cups design via clamping clips.


Suction plates

Suction plate system with suspension bolts and clamping systems.


Clamping system

Clamping solution for all kinds of connecting profiles.


Roll Conveyor

Glass conveyor rollers transport glass without causing damage.
(70mm - 125mm)

Replacement Suction Plates Solutions

At EUROTECH, replaceable vacuum suction cups concept are applied. They have longer lifespan and are more cost-effective. While the vacuum cups seals and the base plates are either connected with a clamping clip or via internal pressure, the old seals can be changed easily. This helps make sure that things can keep working and saves time and money.



Replaceable Design - Pressmaster

Replaceable vacuum cups design via internal force.


Replaceable Design - by Clamping Clip

Replaceable vacuum cups design via clamping clips.

Suction Cup Covers MTC: Fulfill Mark-free Glass Handling

Suction marks are one of the toughest issue for glass production. These marks are white and gray particles that are easily piled up on glass surface and layers during handling. Once the mark appears, we need to clean them with water or glass cleaner. The bigger the glass pane is, the more effort is required.

euroTECH invented and patented suction cup covers, series MTC, to prevent industrial suction cup marks on sensitive surfaces. There is a large selection from diameter 20mm to 550mm and oval design up to 600mm x 1250mm. Tailer-made size of MTC is available on request.

Special thanks to GlassonWeb.com for sharing our solution for avoiding suction cup marks on glass surface.   

MTC Series - Suction Cup Covers


Suction Cup Cover Application

Avoiding marks with MTC suction cup covers by euroTECH --- GlassonWeb Press.


MTC Suction Cup Cover

Wide selection of diameters available (20mm to 550mm).


Avoid Suction Cup Marks on Glass

Prevent suction cup marks on glass surfaces

More knowledge about industrial suction cups and vacuum technology

Selection of industrial suction cups for your lifting system