Industrial Suction Cups and Components


Industrial Suction Cups

• For handling uneven workpieces
• Replaceable seal design


Suction Cups for CNC

• Industrial suction cups for CNC machining center


Vacuum Suction Plate

• Suction plate system with suspension


Suction Cup Covers

• Avoid suction marks on glass and sensitive surfaces.

Vacuum Components


Vacuum Clamping Blocks

Clamping clamping blocks used in CNC machining centers.


Vacuum Solenoid Valve

Control vacuum and compressed air with digital signals.


Mounting Elements

For mounting suction cups on vacuum system.


Vacuum Generators

Solutions for generation and reservation of vacuum.

Vacuum Technology for Industries

Whether wood or glass, stone or metal, plastic or paper, we provide innovative lifting solutions. Our products are represented in almost all industries. Therefore, with a higher production speed, you could increase work efficiency, ensure the goods are not damaged and, most importantly, energy is saved and the overall security of machine operation. Special thanks to HUSS-MEDIEN GmbH for showcasing our ET-Hover-Univac-Line vacuum lifter.

Vacuum Suction Cups for Lifting Glass

Industrial suction cups for float glass, laminated glass, safety glass.

Industrial Suction Cups for Wood Processing

Components for lifting MDF, HDF, OSB, particle board, plywood, veneer.

Vacuum Suction Cups for Handling Sheet Metal

Industrial suction cups for metal plates of extra-large dimensions and weights.

Modular and Replaceable Design of Industrial Suction Cups

Companies enhance competitive advantage by increasing productivity while reducing overall costs. The modulization of vacuum system with replaceable designs are the future of a sustainable production ecosystem. EUROTECH TAIWAN has been working on refining and improving vacuum products with modulization concept.


Modular Vacuum Cups

Replaceable vacuum cups design via clamping clips.


Suction Plate System

Suction plate system with suspension bolts and clamping systems.


Clamping System

Clamping solution for all kinds of connecting profiles.

Replacement Suction Plates Solutions

To increase product lifespan and usability, replaceable seal design is widely applied at EUROTECH. Common ways of connecting replaceable seals with base plates are by clamping clips or by internal stress without clamping clips (Pressmaster Design.)



Replaceable Design - Pressmaster

Replaceable vacuum cups design via internal force.


Replaceable Design - by Clamping Clip

Replaceable vacuum cups design via clamping clips.

Suction Cup Covers MTC: Fulfill Mark-free Glass Handling

Marks on glass is a tough issue when handling workpieces with sensitive surface. When lifting coated glass, polished stainless steel sheets or mirror, marks usually appear on the surfaces. euroTECH invented and patented suction plate cover, series MTC, to prevent suction cup marks on sensitive surfaces. There is a large selection from diameter 20mm to 550mm. We also offer tailor-made protection covers for special types of industrial vacuum suction cups in oval or rectangular.

Special thanks to GlassonWeb.com for sharing our solution for avoiding suction cup marks on glass surface.   

MTC Series - Industrial Suction Cup Cover


Suction Cup Cover Application

Avoiding marks with MTC suction cup covers by euroTECH --- GlassonWeb Press.


MTC Suction Cup Cover

Wide selection of diameters available (20mm to 550mm).


Markless Glass Lifting

Suction cup covers fit onto different dimensions of industrial suction cups and vacuum lifter systems.

EUROTECH TAIWAN - Industrial Suction Cups Provider

EUROTECH provides comprehensive industrial suction cups and vacuum components for every applications. Our portfolio includes a variety of vacuum cups with various sizes, shapes, connectors and materials needed for designing your own handling and lifting systems. Various series of quality, proven, customized and optimized industrial suction cups, vacuum cups, vacuum cup mountings, level compensators and suspensions, and sealing rings with high shipment efficiency are here to support you. 

Increased competitive competitive advantages thanks to vacuum solutions

Our products are used for material handling in production machines to increase productivity and production line efficiency. In lifting and handling applications, wide selections of vacuum technology are ready for variety of industries. Regardless industrial suction cups, suction plates, clamping and connecting solutions to mark-less glass lifting solution, EUROTECH has strength and consultancy competence to co-work with our customers in improving factory efficiency with vacuum technology. 

Holistic and tailer-made vacuum solutions: from system perspective to components technology

In the parts business segment, we provide wide portfolio of vacuum components including stand-alone components such as industrial suction cups, suction cup cover, vacuum generators, and vacuum clamping system used in CNC drilling, grinding and machining centers. In the area of complete solutions, we offer suction plate system with clamping solutions and suspension system and vacuum lifter for handling workpieces. Besides standard products, we provide highly customized, tailer-made solutions, designs and services to fulfill the needs from customers in different industry. We offer customization service in terms of vacuum suction cup material selection, drilling and tapping of aluminum base plates, design of suspension and clamping solutions. With our fast delivery of industrial suction cups spare parts, customers could reduce machine downtime and increase production line productivity.

Decades of expertise and know-how in vacuum lifters

euroTECH Vertriebs GmbH has been a key player in vacuum technology for glass, wood and sheet metal processing industries. With almost thirty years of experience and expertise in supplying best-in-class vacuum lifters, euroTECH can handling all kinds of material handling and lifting tasks even in harsh environment. euroTECH offers intelligent solutions and innovative products for everything in vacuum technology. As a manufacturer of transport and handling solutions, vacuum technology is just as much a part of all our products as first-class service and high product quality. Modern vacuum technology lifts even heavy loads with ease. Even rough or porous surfaces can be reliably vacuumed with the right technology.

Vacuum Knowledge about Industrial Suction Cups

What is vacuum

Taken literally, vacuum in physics describes the absence of material. However, a space that is completely free of materials has not yet been found in the entire universe. In common speech, the word “vacuum” is used for a space that is virtually free of air. If the remaining pressure is only slightly lower than the atmospheric pressure, the correct term is not “vacuum” but “underpressure”. It is also important to remember that the ambient air pressure around us is dependent on the weather and altitude.

More knowledge about industrial suction cups and vacuum technology

Selection of industrial suction cups for your lifting system

News about Industrial Suction Cups and Vacuum Technology

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