Glass Industry
Vacuum Pads for Glass Stacker

Vacuum Pads for Glass Stacker

Vacuum Pads Designed for Glass Machines and Lifters

Most of those automatic running systems, such as glass stacker, are equipped with large bellow vacuum pads. Depending the manufacturer Ø 250, Ø 285 or Ø 290 with 1.5 folds are installed, Due to the 1.5 bellows the bellow vacuum suction cups can easy compensate differences in-between the stacks. The gantry system works very accurate by approaching the selected glass rack. Once the bellow vacuum cups touch the glass plate, the vacuum is switched on and the glass plate is securely grabbed by the means of vacuum. In order to move only one glass plate, the gantry system has an edge lifting system via suction cup and pneumatic cylinder to assure the lifting of only one glass plate. Once securely grabbed by vacuum, the gantry system of glass stacker transports the glass plate in direction cutting table for further production process.  

The large bellow vacuum pads are available with vulcanized seal onto the base plate or with removable seal in order to save money on maintenance cost. The change of the removable seal is quick done and inexpensive. 


EUROTECH TAIWAN, known for its very large selection on big bellow vacuum pads for all kinds of handling applications has re-equipped many of those gantry warehouse vacuum stacking systems over the years.

Please notice, EUROTECH TAIWAN also supply other vacuum pads and vacuum components for most machines in the glass industry.

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