Suction Cups for Glass Handling​

Glass Handling Vacuum Suction Cups

Glass is a material which can be used in many areas. Since glass is also very sensitive, in order to move glass without damaging it, the use of vacuum technology is often the only option. Common types of glass applied in industries are float glass, automotive glass, solar panel glass, architectural glass ,etc. To fit into different application, there are some glass panes such as annealed glass, heat strengthened glass, laminated glass and tempered glass. euroTECH provides a full portfolio of vacuum components, vacuum lifters, suspension and vacuum clamping system to meet industrial requirements.

Suction cups for handling glass are commonly used in glass processing application. Corresponding lifting devices are not only needed in production, but also in further processing and assembly. Especially when it comes to handling heavy duty glass panes, extra care and attention are required to ensure a safe handling. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Use appropriate lifting equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Inspect the glass pane for damage before handling.
  • Securely support and stabilize the glass pane during handling, and plan the handling route and positioning in advance.

Vacuum pads for handling glass

Suction cups for glass are an essential tool for glass processing machineries and equipment used in various industries. These suction cups are designed to handle the fragile material with ease, reducing the risk of breakage and ensuring maximum efficiency.

There are many different kinds of suction cups used for moving glass, depending on the machine being used. These machines include ones for cutting, edging, washing, and glazing glass. They need special suction cups that can lift and move heavy glass without breaking it.

Vacuum lifting and handling is the best way to move glass, and these suction cups are made just for that. They use air to make a vacuum that sticks the cup to the glass really tightly, making sure it doesn’t fall or break. This makes it easy to move the glass around, and it helps people get their work done faster.

The bottom part of the vacuum suction cups can be made stiff by using a bolt, which helps them fit better with different machines. This means that the suction cups can be used for many different jobs involving glass. It’s really important to use good suction cups when handling glass. Good suction cups are made with really strong materials that can handle lots of use. 

  • Suction plate seal for smooth and slightly structured surfaces
  • Short, medium and long sealing lip and groove rubber support available
  • Aluminum or steel base plate
  • Drilling template available on customer request

Selection of Vacuum Cups for glass Industry


Flat Suction Cups RL

Diameter: 120mm to 400mm
Material: NBR, Silicone, Viton


Flat Suction Cups PK

Diameter: 200mm, 280mm
Material: NBR Black


Flat Suction Cups HE

Diameter: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm
Material: NBR, Silicone, Viton


Flat Suction Cups NO

Diameter: 160mm, 230mm, 250mm
Material: NBR


Flat Suction Cups 200 PK Vulcanized

Dimension: 200mm
Material: NBR


Flat Suction Cups 280 PK Vulcanized

Dimension: 280mm
Material: NBR


Flat Suction Cups BLSP 250 COP

Dimension: 250mm
Material: NBR


Flat Suction Cups PU

Dimension: 68mm x 168mm
Material: PU


Suction Cover Cover MTC

Diameter: 20mm to 550mm


Flat Suction Cups BY

Dimension: 80mm x 150mm, 90mm x 250mm
Material: NBR


Flat Suction Cups TL

Diameter: 60mm to 290mm
Material: NBR, Silicone, Viton


Flat Suction Cups CO

Diameter: 120mm, 150mm, 200mm
Material: NBR, Silicone, Viton


Flat Suction Cups BSP VS-NO

Diameter: 130mm, 200mm
Material: NBR


Flat Suction Cups 160 R

Dimension: 160mm
Material: NBR, Silicone, Viton


Flat Suction Cups 80 TL

Dimension: 80mm
Material: NBR, Silicone, Viton

Vacuum lifter equipment with suction cups for glass

Glass manufacturing and processing industries require careful handling of glass sheets, panels, and components. The use of vacuum lifter devices with suction cups for glass has significantly improved the safety and efficiency of handling glass. In this article, we will discuss the importance of using suction cups for glass and how vacuum lifter devices can enhance the glass manufacturing and processing industry.

Suction cups are the most commonly used attachment for vacuum lifting equipment in glass processing industries. These cups have a flexible rubber or silicone material that creates a vacuum seal between the cup and the glass surface, allowing the equipment to lift and transport glass with ease. Suction cups for glass are available in various sizes and shapes to meet the specific needs of different glass components and machines.

Vacuum lifter equipment with suction cups for glass provides a safe and efficient method of handling glass. The use of this equipment minimizes the risk of breakage, reduces damage to glass components, and increases productivity. It also reduces the physical strain on workers, preventing injuries related to heavy lifting and manual handling.

Vacuum lifter equipment with suction cups is helpful for handling big and heavy glass pieces without breaking them. The suction cups come with special plates that can be made stiff by using a bolt to keep everything in place. This means that the equipment can handle different sizes and shapes of glass, which is great for glass-making machines.

Using vacuum lifter equipment with suction cups is also helpful because it can keep glass clean even in dusty or dirty places. This means that the glass stays really good quality, no matter where it’s being handled.