Glass Conveyor Rollers

Glass Conveyor Rollers

The glass conveyor rollers constitute a fundamental element of glass processing equipment, facilitating the smooth and efficient movement of glass sheets along the production line or between various processing stations. 

These rollers are meticulously designed to minimize friction, ensuring the safe transport of glass sheets without incurring any damage or unsightly scratches. They can be crafted in diverse shapes and materials, including metal or plastic, contingent upon the precise requirements of the glass processing machinery and the specific type of glass being handled

Transport rollers Series NKR

Transport rollers with quick clamping system are usable on roller conveyors where the currently installed rolls have to by changed often due to cut or burn surface as example. Currently it is very time consuming to change rolls, most of the time the complete axe has to be exchanged. The here shown transport rollers are in two section and mounted be means of 2 screw very quickly. There are different types of rollers available, depending the axe diameter and the outside diameter of the roller. The inner core is made from (PP) Polypropylene, the top surface is made from Thermoplastic (TPE).

glass conveyor rollers
  • Modular design (easy disassemble)
  • Roller diameter: 70mm to 125mm
  • Shaft diameter: min. 20mm, max. 30mm

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