Vacuum Gauge

Vacuum Gauge

The vacuum gauges have a diameter of 40 mm, 62 mm or 99 mm and a red and green indication field. The installed instrument movement has a silicone shock absorption for a calm needle movement. The vacuum gauges have an outside thread at the bottom or the back of the gauge.

Suitable for high vacuum up to 99%.


Technical Data - Vacuum Gauge

  • Measuring range: 0 to -1000 mbar
  • Design available with lower or rear connection
  • Measuring element with silicone pot cushioning for a smooth running of pointer
  • Red-green area for identifying the work and danger area

EUROTECH vacuum technologies offers a comprehensive range of vacuum components as well as complete handling and transport solutions. Our further range includes both customer-specific vacuum suction cup portfolio or solution tailored to the customer’s requirements. 

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