Ergonomic Valve Control – Manual Slide Valve Series BHSV

Ergonomic Valve Control – Manual Slide Valve Series BHSV

The ergonomic valve manual slide valve type BHSV covers 4 types, starting with G1/4”, G3/8”, G ½”, G3/4”. BHSV-D is only in  G1/2” available. In General those hand slide valves are used to switch from suction to release be means of the sliding the sleeve back or forward.  Such hand slide valves can be also installed to control the vacuum for some suction plates or to control some vacuum circuit. 

Hand slide valve type BHSV-D has an push bottom which needs to be pressed before operating the sliding sleeve. It is an additional safety future against uncontrolled operation. We recommend the use of our hand slide valve BHSV-D for all vacuum lifting devices in order to safely operate suction – release.


EUROTECH TAIWAN, is known for its modular construction system when it comes to vacuum components. If it is suction plates, valves, fittings and attachment, you need it, we got it. Vacuum valves are essential to be installed in order to operate the vacuum of the system.