Vacuum Gauge (manometer) is  for Analogue Measurement of the Vacuum

Vacuum Gauge (manometer) is for Analogue Measurement of the Vacuum

Vacuum Gauge BVG-HV
Vacuum Energy Unit BEE

There are 2 types of vacuum gauges available: Vacuum gauge type BVG-HV for high vacuum and type BVG-NV for low vacuum. In general we deliver those vacuum gauges with diameter 63 mm or diameter 100 mm. Further to that you can select between back and bottom connection, and for mounting here we supply G ¼” or G ½”. 

Vacuum gauges type BFG-HV are for high vacuum and they are equipped with an red and green indication field. Lifting is only permitted with the needle of the vacuum gauge is in the green zone. More details you will find in our catalogue. For vacuum gauge type BVG-LV please see our other blog.



EUROTECH TAIWAN, is known for its modular construction system when it comes to vacuum components. If it is suction plates, valves, fittings and attachment, you need it, we got it. Vacuum gauges are essential to be installed in order to observe the vacuum of the system.