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Vacuum Cups for Laminated Glass Cutting Line

Vacuum Cups for Laminated Glass Cutting Line

Industrial Suction Cups Laminated Glass for Leading Austrian Laminated Glass Cutting Machines

EUROTECH TAIWAN, known for its very large selection on oval suction plates for all kinds of handling applications has added 2 more oval suction plates to its manufacturing and sales program. Type 70×85 mm and 68×168 mm industrial suction cups are suitable for Austrian laminated glass cutting table. During the cutting process, the suction cup for laminated glass help securely hold laminated glass in position by means of those rectangular suction plates and high vacuum.

All two types of seals are vulcanized onto an aluminum base plate with connection for the vacuum hose in the center and 2 counter sunk holes to mount it against the support. The vulcanized seal comes in Polyurethan at around 50 shore. 


Besides vacuum suction cup for laminated glass cutting machine, EUROTECH Taiwan also supply various vacuum components for machines like the large bellow suction cups installed onto the automatic loader, seals for CNC clamping block. Besides that we supply most vacuum components for other machinery used in the glass industry.

EUROTECH vacuum technologies offers a comprehensive range of vacuum components as well as complete handling and transport solutions. Our further range includes both customer-specific vacuum suction cup portfolio or solution tailored to the customer’s requirements. 

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