What is the application of vacuum technology in material lifting?

What is the application of vacuum technology in material lifting?

Vacuum technology is used for many different purposes. The application of vacuum technology in materials lifting is considered quite diverse, and applicable to many different types of materials. This has many benefits and are businesses already taking advantage of the right technology?

Importance factors of material lifting in choosing vacuum technology

Before getting to know the application of vacuum technology, it is necessary to understand the two factors of material lifting properties(characteristics and properties) that affect choosing the right industrial vacuum technology solutions for businesses.

Although vacuum technology is generally used in numerous industries, there are only three commonly mentioned materials which are metal, glass, and wood.

They all have one common characteristic: having a flat and smooth surface that is best suited to applying the vacuum technology in lifting.

However, each material has completely divergent properties and characteristics, which required particular vacuum suction cup designs and special vacuuming techniques for secure lifting products.

For example, glass panes (either in annealed, heat-strengthened, or laminated and tempered form) are physically in the form of the flat and smooth panes. Holding by using the clamp in manufacturing processes is not practical.

Therefore, they require industrial vacuum technology by using the bellow suction cup or flat suction cup for lifting up and down.

Application of vacuum technology in specific industry

There are plenty of applications of vacuum technology in many industries to take into consideration.

However, the most well-known application of this technology is for heavy lifting or objects that have flat surfaces and are hard to handle normally.

Sheet metal forming industry

The most widely used material in industries is metal. It is heavy and can be transformed into various forms including the flat sheet.

Besides the metal forming industry or steel production industry, metal sheets can also be used in shipbuilding, crane lifting, etc.

Loading on/off them for cutting, shaping, or welding, and transporting them to multi-locations in the factories can become easier with the help of vacuum technology.

EUROTECH provides clients with the most suitable industrial vacuum technology solutions for their businesses. 

There are some common types of industrial suction cups for lifting sheet metal that can be suitable for different dimensions of steel plates.

  • Flat Suction Cup BLSP R Series
  • Flat Suction Cup BLSP RL Series
  • Flat Suction Cup BLSP CO Series
  • Flat Suction Cup BLSP XL (Round)
  • Flat Suction Cup BLSP XL (Rectangular)

Along with particular industrial suction cups for metal types (including Aluminium, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, and Carbon steel…) with a variety of thicknesses, the vacuum sheet metal suction cup also comes in different sizes to match customers’ production line.

Glass pane processing industry

Another industry that makes use of vacuum technology is the Glass Pane Processing Industry.

In this industry, flat glasses are produced in many types (e.g. annealed glass, laminated glass, or tempered glass) for plenty of purposes and diverse applications.

Regardless of the type of glass, handling them requires special care on safety and precision.

Reliable customized industrial suction cups for lifting glass panes from EUROTECH can provide a secure transporting solution with smooth and slightly structured surfaces like glass.

Some of the latest selections of vacuum cups in the Glass Industry, which are widely applied due to high reliability, are:

  • Suction Plates BSP RL Series 
  • Suction Cup PK Series
  • Suction Cup HE Series
  • Suction Cup NO Series
  • Suction Cup BY Series

Following the world-class standard, the company’s vacuum components can be well-matched with vacuum lifters, suspension, and vacuum clamping systems of clients’ systems to meet the latest worldwide industrial requirements.

Besides using well-designed suction plates, the glass lifting solution from EUROTECH includes sealing lip suction cups for handling glass to max prevent the risk of breakage.

The mass customized glass handling solutions make EUROTECH proud to be the most effective glass lifting technology provider in the world.

Wood board processing industry

The third product commonly applied to industrial vacuum technology is wood boards or wooden panels.

They can easily be found in the sewing industry, furniture construction, wasted wood recycling, or woodworking.

Wood boards or wood panels can be categorized into various types due to the materials made of, such as:

  • HDF (High Density Fiberboard): density of wood fibre reach 900kg/m3 
  • MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard): density of wood fibre from 680kg/m3 to 730kg/m3
  • OSB (Oriented Strand Board): density of wood fibre from 600 kg/m3 to 680 kg/m3
  • Plywood: density of wood fibre from 650 to 700 kg/m3
  • Particle Board: density of wood fibre from 600 kg/m3 to 680 kg/m3

Each type requires special industrial suction cups for lifting wooden panels due to its wood fibre density and surface smoothness.

For example, thicker sealing lip vacuum lift systems for woodworking (e.g. Bellow suction cup with foam) can be a good fit for slightly rough surfaces like raw wood panels.

By providing the best vacuum suction cup solutions for wood processing machines, EUROTECH is able to help customers improve their productivity. 

Moreover, even when customers require such a small dimension, e.g. 70 mm to 350 mm, the company is able to provide.

Last but not least, along with that, a customized drilling template for best-fit vacuum machines can optimize the current system.

Customized industrial vacuum technology solutions to get the best of all?

The principle of vacuum lifting solutions must be compatible with the current processing machines to provide the most efficient working process.

Selecting the most appropriate vacuum suction cup for each material type can help businesses to achieve the following benefits:

  • Most secure when lifting products due to being specifically designed for particular industrial material.
  • Can be upgraded along with the production line when the capacity increases
  • Save cost when maintenance due to separate spare parts replacement

Inappropriate handling techniques for flat-surfaced material can slow down the whole production lines in not only the metal industry but also the wood and glass industries.

The application of vacuum technology has opened up opportunities to improve work productivity as well as create a safer working environment. But is your business applying them properly?

The advantage of the application of vacuum technology can only be achieved once a business selects the most suitable vacuum suction cup. Contact EUROTECH now for the vacuum technology solutions that best match your business industry.