Flange Plate Bracket – FPH

Flange Plate Bracket FPH Series

Vacuum flange plate bracket FPH is designed for automatic handling and stacking systems very often aluminum construction profiles are used. They are light weight and in high in stability. Depending the type of construction profile used, there are groove in the aluminum profiles which are used to attach our flange plate as example. The groove is used to hold the sliding nut which has an inside thread ( M6 or M8 ). 4 screws are used to attach safely our flange plate against the aluminum construction profile. 

Most of the time those flange plates are used with suction plates and  Ø 20 mm suspension bolts to connect industrial vacuum suction cup and vacuum suction plates. The guide bushes can be replaced after years of use and if needed.


Technical Data - Vacuum Flange Plate Bracket FPH

  • For mounting on aluminium groove profiles
  • Suitable for suspension bolt with Ø 16 mm or Ø 20 mm
  • Flange plate bracket made of aluminium
  • Guide bushings made of oil-soaked sintered bronze

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