Clamping Pieces – BCCP (Steel)

Vacuum Clamping Pieces BCCP (Steel) Series

EUROTECH Vacuum Technologies provides wide selection of clamping solution to connect vacuum system, such as vacuum lifter or handling system, with industrial vacuum suction cup and suction plates. Vacuum Clamping Pieces BCCP Steel rigid design is accompanied by both high durability and ergonomic operating.


Most of the time those cross clamping pieces are used with suspension bolts Ø 20 mm in handling systems. The guide bushes can be replaced after years of use and if needed. We supply those guide bushes for those cross clamping piece either in oil lubricated sinter bronze or in special Polymer compound.

Technical Data - Vacuum Clamping Pieces BCCP Steel

  • For mounting on rectangular profiles through two-part design also in enclosed frame
  • Consisting of clamp halves made of zinc-plated steel, integrated guide bushings and connecting screws
  • Suitableforprofilesof50x50mmor50x150mm and suspension bolt with Ø 20 mm
  • Guide bushings made of oil-soaked sintered bronze

EUROTECH vacuum technologies offers a comprehensive range of vacuum components as well as complete handling and transport solutions. Our further range includes both customer-specific vacuum suction cup portfolio or solution tailored to the customer’s requirements. 

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