Vacuum Blower

Industrial Vacuum Blower in Single Stage and Double Stage

EUROTECH provides various selection of vacuum blower that fit into different vacuum system and applications. Blowers are capable of providing very high suction capacity which is especially good for handling and lifting porous workpieces, such as wood board.

A two-stage blower normally produces higher pressure differences than a single-stage blower.


Technical Data on Vacuum Blowers

  • Single-stage model vacuum blower
  • Medium final vacuum with high flow rate
  • Very low vibration
  • Long service life thanks to lifetime-lubricated bearing
  • Available as a complete construction unit with assembled change-over valve, suction limitation and vacuum filter

EUROTECH vacuum technologies offers a comprehensive range of vacuum components as well as complete handling and transport solutions. Our further range includes both customer-specific vacuum suction cup portfolio or solution tailored to the customer’s requirements.