Flat Suction Plates RL

Flat Suction Plates RL Series

RL series suction cups are engineered for universal applications. The medium-length sealing lip and groove rubber support design help increase the stability during workpieces handling. The replaceable seal design reduces the pressure for storing spare parts inventory and is more financially efficient. We provide RL Series in a variety of dimensions, ranging from 120mm to 400mm. Customization available.


Technical Data - RL Series Suction Cup

  • Universally applicable suction plate for smooth and lightly structured surfaces
  • Diameter: 120 mm to 400 mm
  • Material: NBR, Silicone, Viton
  • Medium-length sealing lip and groove rubber support 
  • Replaceable seal (clamped with clamping clip)
  • Aluminium or steel base plate
  • Drilling template available on customer request

EUROTECH vacuum technologies offers a comprehensive range of vacuum components as well as complete handling and transport solutions. Our further range includes both customer-specific vacuum suction cup portfolio or solution tailored to the customer’s requirements. 

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