Cleaning and Storage of Suction Cups

Storage Guidelines for Vacuum Suction Cups

The DIN 7716 (Rubber products; requirements for storage, cleaning and maintenance) and ISO 2230 (Rubber products — Guidelines for storage) applies to the suggested storage of elastomeric materials. The proper way of rubber storage is important to ensure best quality of the product. The lifespan of elastomeric product like rubber vacuum suction cup can be affected by environmental factors such as temperature, UV light, humidity, oxygen, ozone, etc. The ideal storage recommendation are as addressed below.

Storage Time

Rubber Material Storage Time

Principal of Rubber Storage

The storage environment should be kept cool, dry and dust-free with well ventilation. Vacuum suction cups are best to be stored in a cool (around 0°C to +15°C ), dry and dark place with no dust. The outdoor storage, dry area and ozone environment are not allowed. The more favorable relative humidity is below 65%. The material must be protected against the radiation of heat. Thus, a sufficient distance 1 meter to radiators must be provided.

Storing suction cups in a closed container is recommended. To avoid deformation especially on the thin sealing lip, during the storage, tension-free storing and free of mechanical stress are best for maintaining its physical characteristic. Rubber-made products should not be stored in contact with metal goods such as aluminum, iron, copper, etc. Also, the contact with materials containing plasticizers must be avoided.

In case of proper storage, the storage times for suction cups can last up to 2 to 4 years.


The storage temperature should be around +15°C and should be not below -10°C and above +25°C. The low temperature might cause the material stiffer. On the other side, the hot environment may harden the rubber and change its physical properties or reduce its performance data.


The rubber products should avoid exposing to light, in particular from direct sunlight or artificial light with high ultraviolet. The appearance and physical properties would be changed. For this reason, storage in polyethylene bags well sealed is considered one of the best way for storing. 

Cleaning Recommendation for Vacuum Suction Cups

Based on DIN 7716, vacuum suction cups can be cleaned by soap and warm water with a soft brush. The neutral pH-value surface-active cleaning solvent with a soft brush is the best way to clean rubber vacuum suction cups. After cleaning, suction cups should be dry at room temperature with good ventilation.